Luka Modric jumps on his captain’s back at Cibeles | 25-05-14 

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Interviewer: Thank you, Sir Alex, would you like to say maybe a couple of words as someone who’s seen Cristiano grow and mature as a player and a person?

Sir Alex Ferguson: Well, he made it easy for me tonight. Normally in a Cup final it’s always difficult to choose a Man of the Match -there are so many good players on the field- but Cristiano tonight made it easy for me. Thank you

[After Cristiano is interviewed by a Portuguese journalist]
Interviewer: Cristiano, as we don’t have any Portuguese translation, could you shorten your response so everybody can understand it? Summarize maybe.

Cristiano: *laughs* Is that my new job? Translator? Well, basically, he asked me about the integration of Kroos and James and I said of course they did well, they played good and that they are fantastic players. I said thank you to Sir Alex Ferguson for giving me this trophy. For me it means a lot because he was the coach who, you know, teached me many things when I was in Manchester at 18 years of age so I appreciate (that) and thank you for giving me this trophy. And the other thing, it was… he asked me what I said to Beto at the end of the game. I said I didn’t say anything special, we just spoke about something, about our private life. Beto’s a very good friend of mine and he’s a fantastic teammate, so I said I scored two goals (against him) today and I won fairly.

Interviewer:Thank you, you’re not only an outstanding player but also an outstanding translator.

Cristiano:A new job! Translator!

[Cristiano Ronaldo is given the MoM award by Sir Alex Ferguson and thinks about venturing into a new career (X)]

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Training [+] | August 14, 2014 

The squad returned to training on Thursday. Seven players did not step out on the pitch — Bale, Ramos, Jesé, Pepe, Coentrão, Modrić and Benzema.


- Diego López writes an open letter to madridismo. [Morata’s] [Casemiro’s]

- The friendly vs Fiorentina will go on as scheduled despite false rumors about cancellation and/or opponent changes.

- The Trofeo Bernabéu is postponed due to a lack of available dates.

- RM’s involvement in next summer’s expanded International Champions Cup will reportedly include games in China and in Australia.

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¡Supercampeones de Europa!

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Sergio Ramos - 7 Pictures of the players w/ the Super Cup - 4/7 

Sergio Ramos - 7 Pictures of the players w/ the Super Cup - 4/7